Fashun Haus


Fashun Haus

Fashun haus is an ideation hub powered by creative insiders around you. Each room is dedicated to helping creatives grow their creative enterprise. 

 Join now! Network, connect, collab, and create a new kind of thing with creatives in your city. Share business knowledge, learn new hacks, review products, etc.

“Right time, right place, right people equals success” –  Idries Shah


Ideas are discussed and planned here. You could find your next photographer, model, stylist, MUA or collaboration in this room. Network and connect with creatives globally and start a new project today! 


This room is a space where creatives can learn new hacks or get advice on how to sell more, sell better, from other creatives. Got something to sell? Want to trade your barely worn outfits? Join this room.


Get expert tips from beauty creatives. Discuss all things beauty and connect with other beauty creatives. 

creative processroom

Discuss all things related to making your products & services come to life: design, materials, techniques, your workspace, and equipment.


Get advice on putting an outfit together, style tips, learn or share new style hacks, share shopping hauls,  recommend new finds, and more.

product reviewroom

Review fashion and beauty products here and recommend the best products to other creatives.


Share tips for taking videos that get shoppers to click and buy, or advice on lighting, shooting, editing, equipment and more.


Share tips for taking photos that get shoppers to click and buy, or advice on lighting, shooting, editing, equipment and more.


This room is dedicated to learning! A space where creatives can get connected to important content that can assist them on their entrepreneurship journey. Learn from other creatives, get expert advice and more.


This room is a collection of topics from select creative insiders and the fashun community. Share your latest blog posts or interesting articles that could be helpful to other creatives.


Advice the Fashun community on how to better improve the user experience. Recommend new features, or feature enhancement, and share your ideas on how to grow the community.


Work-life balance is discussed here. Entrepreneurship life is not an easy one, get tips on how to balance work-life, best practices and more.