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Community guidelines

The Fashun Community

Our commitment

The Fashun Community is committed to diversity, inclusion, communication, transparency,

fidelity, and integrity. These principles are spirited by our intrinsic need to create a safe space

where creatives can network, connect, collaborate, and create, and they will serve as a moral

compass in our daily decision making process.

Our business effectiveness is measured by our cornerstone metric; D.H.A;

D – iscover

H – ighlight

A – mplify

The Fashun Community is committed to fostering creativity, innovation, and artistic expression

by providing a safe space for discovering talent and ensuring that we provide the tools to assist

creatives in their entrepreneurship journey.

We commit to always shining a positive light on our community. We must amplify the creative

endeavors of our members through our platform and ensure that their creativity is celebrated on

a global stage.

Our D.H.A. metric will guide our daily decisions and reinforce our commitment to making a

positive socio-economic impact in the creative space.

Member Commitment

By joining the Fashun Community, you have agreed to adhere to our governing community

guidelines, our terms & conditions, and privacy policy, and membership requirements. Do not

violate any code of conduct or other guidelines. It is your responsibility as a community member

to update yourself on these rules, as they may change from time to time.

General Community Guidelines

A community without rules is a community in a state of chaos. These rules and guidelines are

set to ensure that things run smoothly. For the community to function as it is intended, it is

imperative that every member must adhere to these set rules and guidelines.


Do not use the Fashun Community to network for or solicit any inappropriate or adult content or

activities of any kind. Our community is an inclusive and safe space for creativity to thrive.

● Members must be professional in their communication with other members of our


● We’re not a dating site, please don’t make romantic advances towards any creative.

● Be respectful and polite when communicating with other creatives.Treat everyone in the

community with respect and dignity.

● Content posted must be professional and related to helping other creatives grow.

● We expect professionalism during collaborations with fellow creatives or others.

● Harassment in any shape or form is prohibited.

Trust & Safety

Network, collaborate, and create with ease.

Personal information

Fashun values the privacy of our community members, be rest assured that your data is secure

at all times and we will never share your personal information with any third party.

Secure communications

On the Fashun platform, you can safely communicate and exchange ideas and information with

other creatives securely.

Dishonest account ownership

No misrepresentation of any shape or form is allowed in the Fashun Community. Any account in

violation will be subject to removal. We expect everyone that registers to join our community to

be who they say they are. We do not tolerate dishonest account ownership.

Fashun Haus

Fashun Haus is a WhatsApp group created to enable seamless collaboration

amongst our members. By joining our community you have agreed to use these groups within

WhatsApp platform to post, send or receive messages that are proper and appropriate


Things that are not allowed on Fashun haus:

● Do not use our group(s) to spam or send unsolicited messages.

● Do not use our group(s) to publish, post or distribute any inappropriate material or false


● Do not use our group(s) to defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate

the legal rights of other users.

● Do not restrict other users in any shape or form from using and enjoying our group(s).

● Do not collect information about users, including email addresses, phone numbers, business

addresses, images or video from our community for illicit use.

● Do not create a false identity for the purpose of misleading other users.

Integrity and


Copyright Violations

The Fashun Community considers copyright violations a very serious offence. As a community

founded by creatives for creatives, we understand the work that goes into creating any form of

art and the implication of someone stealing your work.

We are committed to taking decisive measures in regards to copyright violations such as

revoking a creative’s membership.

● Do not use our group(s) to upload files that contain images, videos, designs, sketches or

photographs, or any kind of material protected by intellectual property laws, copyright or

trademark laws, unless you own or control the rights or consent to do so.

● Do not use images, videos, designs, sketches or photographs, which are made available

through our group(s) in any manner that infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, trade

secret, or other proprietary rights of other users.


If you believe someone is violating our community guidelines, please report it to the Fashun team by emailing admin@fashun.ca. All reports are confidential.