Fashun Haus



Why Fashun?

Our story is like most start-ups, as fashion enthusiasts, we’re approaching things a little differently. We believe the fashion industry should be more accessible, and the process of finding creatives in the industry should be more seamless. So we are building a direct-to-customer platform that will maximize economic opportunity and provide creatives with the tools that will help them to grow their creative enterprises.

 Join our community now and build a better fashion ecosystem.

What is Fashun?

We are a digital village of fashion and beauty creatives founded by creatives, to discover, highlight, and amplify independent creative enterprises, and to enhance collaboration in the fashion and beauty industry. We want to create social and economic opportunities for SMCEs (small to medium size creative enterprises) and reduce the barriers of starting a creative career in the fashion and beauty industry by making it easier for people to network, connect, collaborate, and create. 

Who is a Creative?

A creative is anyone with the ability or skill to imagine, express, develop or invent new ideas, which often leads to a new kind of thing (discovery). Creativity is often characterized by originality and expressiveness.

What is a Creative Enterprise?

A creative enterprise is an entrepreneurial undertaking such as; a business, a company, or a group with fewer than 10 employees, that are selling innovative products or offering skilled services, often with a social aspect to it. 

Fashun Vision 

Our vision is to streamline the process of product and service exchange in the fashion and beauty industry.

Fashun Mission

We are on a mission to create an ecosystem that will enhance the way creatives connect and collaborate with each other in the fashion and beauty industry. Our ultimate goal is to make the collaborative process seamless by alleviating friction across the board with an emphasis on the sharing of resources.